A Friday Chat

Hi Everyone!

I just thought I’d take time to stop and have a chat. Perhaps grab a coffee or tea? I’ve made some date loaf…the diet starts tomorrow. Let’s sit on the comfy chairs in the sun……….

How are you getting on in this very different world we find ourselves in? Have you been able to visit family yet? Or perhaps a coffee with a friend? What’s happening in your town, state, country?

I had my first lunch with friends yesterday and it was wonderful! The three of us talked for 4 hours straight laughing and sharing stories about the new rules of engagement in our Corona world. Where last year we were living “wild” lives by having late night dinners, going to rock concerts and travelling to the Galapagos Islands, we are now living the dream by having a hair cut or ordering takeaway!

A friend told of her experience of the supermarket queue and being told by a woman that she was not standing exactly on the cross on the floor that defines social distancing. I shared my experience of buying a new iphone at an Apple megastore where my temperature was taken, hands sanitised and everyone had to wear a mask. The preparation stations to enter the store created enormous anxiety as I juggled to adjust the mask, my glasses steaming up and struggling to hear what the mouse – voiced  assistant was saying. Please just take my money, give me a phone and get me out of this space station!

In my town we count the number of people allowed in the chip shop and as we stand outside in the cold waiting for our order to be filled. There’s friendly banter about needing to raise funds to provide heaters in the street for this new world of shopping…. newcomers arrive and we provide induction training in how to order your fish and chips, where to wait etc. There’s lots of laughter and wishing each other a great night in front of a cosy home fire.

It’s a new world. Most of us are relieved that restrictions are easing and that we have survived the pandemic so far but we are also tentative and alert and make conscious choices about where risk lies and how to protect ourselves and others. We tread softly and consciously.

How are you spending your days? What are you up too?

I’m erratic, wayward and off centre. A simple example.  I intend to prune a Hebe hedge. Simple job. Should be done in an hour. Then I decide I don’t like the hedge. In fact..I don’t like this whole section of the garden. Never have…time to make a change. I slash and remove the whole hedge. I then remove a row of small scruffy trees. I call my trusty 86 year old gardener Ivan, ( You’ve met Ivan in a 50 faces 50 Lives story) who fills 5 trailers with green waste and carts it away. I look at the expanse of bare earth, my body aches, my arthritic fingers groan…and it feels GREAT! Then it rains. Solid, soaking, sheep graziers alert type rain. The mud flows, the garden erodes and slides down the hill. I’m now looking at a front garden…one side with mature, well groomed proud trees and plantings. The other half of the garden – a Chernobyl event. Well, I have a new project to redesign and replant this armageddon landscape. But the frost has arrived so the garden will be mulched and I’ll need to wait until spring to replant! Like I said- Nora lacks focus!

My baking has eased off a little but I’m finding it really hard to write! Yes..its awful! Clearly I don’t have much to write about..no travellers tales. no cinema, no galleries…even interior design and home-wares stores resemble sanitised warehouses. I have no surges of creative spirit and few moments of ” I really, really need to write about this…” So dear subscribers some Fridays you’ll notice there’s no Viva 70 newsletter. The gremlins have not invaded your technology and they have ceased to invade mine. It just means that that week the creative force bypassed this house and the brain snoozed in a banana bread induced stupor. It will change as the world opens up but for now I’d rather try and bring you Good Stuff  when I can instead of Lots of Stuff! 

It looks like the coffee cup is nearly empty and it’s time to get on with our lives. Stay well my friends. We’re doing Ok.

Don’t forget…. You can….

Start late

Start over

Be unsure

Act differently

Try and Fail……. and still succeed.



5 June 2020 | Life-Style

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