A December Chat

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the December issue of Viva70. How are you travelling? Grab a coffee and let’s have a chat. What’s happening in your world?

Some of you may still be in lock-down overseas while in Australia, and especially Victoria we are relieved to be seeing friends and family again after months of being isolated. We may still be wearing masks in stores but the gyms are open and the bars are humming, the sun shines and cricket is on at the MCG on Boxing Day so we’re feeling GOOD!

Our monthly format for Viva70 feels right for the times and this month we bring you another great article from Julia Richards about staying well in the Christmas season. I write about ageing as a series of moments rather than a process. I hope some of the moments resonate with you. There are also some thoughts about how to plan any christmas / new year parties in times of Covid. Finally, there’s an article about a wonderful fashion art exhibition of Indigenous designers… LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!!! Sensational! ( I’m using a lot of exclamation marks this month!)

What else have you been up too? Have you got plans for Christmas? My December looks like this

1.Painting the farm gate and retaining walls BLACK

What do you think? Too dramatic?

2. Choosing paint colours for feature walls for main bedroom and exterior house colour

3. Creating little corners that look nearly finished

I sourced old metal troughs and planted them with French lavender to fill spaces along  the house wall. Perfect! And the front porch has already seen merriment.. Christmas drinks with neighbours. It could easily hold 30 people so lots of fun ahead

Apart from the house and garden I’ve spent many days developing a care plan and establishing contracts with service agencies for our relative who has dementia. Tackling aged care agencies and departments is a nightmare..but more of that next month.

I binge watched Newsroom Wars on Apple TV with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston. Also checked out Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep on Netflix in The Prom..agh don’t do it…a musical nightmare.¬† Started morning walks in the Botanical Gardens 2 minutes from my house. Made and ate mince pies. Bought and drank wine.

Then there’s Christmas shopping and a few get togethers with friends. It’s a ho Hum Happy Kinda life!

I hope your life is good too and that you have a happy, safe and gentle Christmas after a brutal 2020. Be grateful, find joy and laugh out loud!

Much love, Nora x




17 December 2020 | Life-Style


  1. Hi Nora.
    Your monthly format overall has great appeal as you constantly evolve and morph fascinating creative talents that reach out and resonate. And your beautiful home, colour enhancing, stylized decor and endless evocative imagination is just wonderful Nora. Thank you for your continuous inspirations! You set a virtual precedent in selling Straw House some time back, as we too have joined the ranks of senior downsizing by selling our farm and moving onto a new exciting chapter in Woodend. Still residing in the country, our new villa shall free us from the hard yard toils of mowing and wood chopping, maintaining the earth’s environment in the gardens and home that we’ve created over the last 15 years. So we won’t lose contact with our dear friends like yourself because our oncoming senior moments together-arthritis and all – shall enable more gentle times of sharing.
    May you be blessed with good cheer, happiest of moments with your nearest and dearest over Yuletide and may good health, peace and gentle safe calm be guiding you through the new year. Love, Al and Linda. xo

    1. Hi Linda and Al
      Such wonderful news!!!! I drove through Woodend today on my way to the city…It will look even sunnier knowing you will be there! What a lovely little village it is and a great vibrant community….Your garden will again be stunning! Thank you dear friends for your love and support as I stumble through a world of words. At a recent xmas drinks I met a wonderful artist and we sat absorbed in conversation about the creative process. I talked about LEARNING to write, paint, make music etc. She talked about LETTING GO and being open to the creative force. I guess one of my biggest adventures in my 70’s is that exploration of writing- daring to write and put myself out there. The pandemic has affected us all in different ways. I just wanted to be small and safe so even putting words out there seemed too big a risk…..
      But its Ok now. while the virus is still out there we all feel a bit braver, safer and stronger. Thank you dear friends for keeping me brave. I hope you and the family have the most wonderful Christmas and we all enjoy our new house projects in the new year… with a few colour chart sharing sessions over a wine on the front porch… much love Nora x

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